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With the "App Dev Challenge 2014" the Progress Software Corporation was looking for the best European app developer.

Developers of 14 European countries were called to aim for the title "fastest and most productive app developer". To qualify, an app based on the rapid-application-development solution Progress Rollbase had to be created.

AKIOMA Software presented to the jury a new module called "Config!" with which complex product configurators can be created without having to touch any code. With this revolutionary application AKIOMA won the title "Best German App Developer".

The Challenge:

Up to now creation of complex product configurators was only possible by means of laborious and time-consuming programming. The disadvantages of this methode are obvious - high development cost, extreme long Time-To-Market, high time

expenditure for exchange of information between Product Manager and IT-Developers as well as low flexibility in terms of changes and updating.

AKIOMA headed for a solution to enable Product Managers to easily create a configurator without any programming necessary.


The Solution:

Based on the Progress products "Rollbase" and "Corticon" AKIOMA developed an application that revolutionizes the sector "Product Configuration".

With AKIOMA Config! complex configuration forms can be created by means of intuitively operated web user interfaces.

For the creation of configuration forms all elements of a modern web form are available, so that the configurator can be perfectly integrated in each and every web environment in order to create a consistent user experience.

The logic of the configurator is defined by AKIOMA Rules!, a tool to easily create business rules by means of a patented Excel like user interface. Complext rules are realized by if-then-relations and automatically controled in terms of correctness and completeness.

The combination of those two technologies makes it possible, for the first time ever, that a Product Manager himself can create a configurator without any programming. And on top of that he will be considerably faster than an entire team of IT-Developers would be.

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